Fill Your Cup.

Life can be draining! And pressure can easily make us loose ourselves in trying to balance all the things demanding our attention – school, family, friends, assignments, tasks – you name it. Today , we took a pause to celebrate the International Mental Health Day which is an annual commemoration aimed at raising awareness on the importance of mental health. We spent the day at the University of Zimbabwe where we presented on the state of mental health in Africa – paying a special focus to the opportunities of harnessing our diverse culture (e.g. safe spaces) to promote mental wellbeing for all. It cannot be denied that at the core of all mental health conversations is the subject of selfcare, which we would like to refer to as the act of filling your cup!

Here are ways in which you can fill your cup :

  1. Create Boundaries: Learn to say "no". It's okay to take care of yourself first!
  2. Take time to reflect : Dive into self-discovery through journaling, meditation, or solo adventures. Uncover your needs and passions!
  3. Foster healthy Connections: Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up. Build relationships that fuel your happiness.
  4. Practice kindness Within: Embrace self-compassion and treat yourself with love. Embrace imperfections and let your awesomeness shine!
  5. Remember to rest and Play: Take a break, have some fun! Engage in hobbies, explore nature, or curl up with a good book. Recharge your spirit!


This International Mental Health Day, make self-care your ultimate superpower! Fill your cup with joy, energy, and self-love. Remember, life is a celebration, and you deserve to thrive. So, go ahead, fill your cup!